• Artist Work: Timescape
  • Artist Work: Remind
  • Artist Work: Memory of Space

Previous Projects

tolino and the predecessor PagePlace are electronic kiosk systems for ebooks. A large SCRUM team at Deutsche Telekom AG and the tolino alliance developped this system. Being part of that team Develicious Studios worked on parts of the iOS and Android clients, together with OpenGL ES graphics and animations. Develicious Studios was also involved in the development of the tolino Shine and tolino Tablet ereaders.

Artist Work: Fernfühler Fernfühler is an art project together with Ursula Damm. It is made of intelligent furniture that reacts on people passing by. The technology includes neural networks for reacting on people's behavior.

Artist Work: 598 598 is another art project together with Ursula Damm. A program surveys sheep while they move on a pasture. Again a neural network reacts on the movement. The output is a changing image and the whole image is made up of neurons in Full-HD resolution.

MoCapTracker MoCapTracker is an open-source project initially developed at Fraunhofer FKIE. It is now maintained by Matthias Weber, the founder of Develicious Studios. MoCapTracker helps to record, play and analyze motion capture data.

Artist Work: Timescape Timescape was a work presented at K20 in Düsseldorf. It was an art work by Ursula Damm. An intelligent program reacts on people moving on a public place. It generates a 3D version of a self-organizing map (a particular neural network) reflecting the movement of people.

Artist Work: Remind Artist Work: Memory of Space Remind and Memory of Space were two artist projects by Ursula Damm in a series of similar projects. Again they observe the movement of people on a public place and try to find paths. They encompass several intelligent learning and image processing techniques.

Artist Work: Timescape
Artist Work: Remind
Artist Work: Memory of Space

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